Thursday, January 24, 2013

Transferring pictures from SkyDrive to Blogger

Recently I transferred all of the pictures from my android phone to SkyDrive.  It took some time to figure out how to get my pictures from SkyDrive to Blogger to do my last post... it was ponderous!  Not only that, but the method did not always work and I really wanted to find a way to upload more than one picture at a time.  Fast forward to today when I found out the quick and easy way to get pictures from SkyDrive to Blogger!  I am really loving this! 

Photo of a watercolor at a hockey rink we recently visited in NJ

(1) Get the SkyDrive desktop app for Windows   This allows you to access your SkyDrive from your PC.

(2) Then Upload"  pictures from the SkyDrive folder on your computer, the same as you would any other photo on your computer. My SkyDrive is listed on the left side of the File Upload screen under Favorites.

(3) To upload more than one picture at a time, press "CTRL" while you click on the pictures you want to upload.  The picture names will all be listed under File Name on the File Upload screen.

Post Christmas: My Mother's Handmade Christmas Ornaments

We usually don't start taking our Christmas decorations down until after the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6).  When I do, it always gives me another chance to admire my mother's hand made ornaments once more before I put them away for the year.

My sister and I have received at least one of these beautiful ornaments, hand made by our mother, every year for many years, until the company that created the designs stopped making new ones.  Most years we were given our choice of designs from the catalogue.  I don't remember the names of them anymore, but some of my favorites were:  the ones with traditional Christmas scenes, the blue and gold "Byzantine"one, the green and gold art deco one, "Nutmeg" (white with bronze and gold), and the royal looking peridot green one.  The red with the silver is striking too, and for some reason reminds me of Swan Lake... There are a lot of pretty gold filigree finials, pearls, crystals, sequins, and they all have beautiful and different hangers...I have 22 in all!  This year I noticed they were looking a little dusty, so before putting them on the tree I used a pastry brush, and I gave them all a good dusting off.  Photoed some of them to share before hanging them up and putting them away for next year. 

Mr. and Mrs. Santa

Detail of Mr. and Mrs. Santa

Art Deco

Christmas tree


Royal Peridot




Red and Silver

Covered Bridge

Detail Covered Bridge



Detail Santa


Detail Art Deco

Detail Nutmeg

Detail Byzantine

White with lots of pearls, silver bugle and seed beads; reminds me of a flapper's dress from the Roaring Twenties

My mother also knit these beautiful Christmas stockings.   My stocking with Father Christmas and woodland animals:

In the detail you can see Father Christmas' soft fuzzy beard and the wooliness of the sheep:

Brian's stocking:

Aren't they all beautiful?