Saturday, April 10, 2010

Places I Have Loved

Restaurant St. Michel in the Hotel St. Michel on Ponce de Leon in Coral Gables, where Brian and I were engaged (7/15/83). We used to come back here every year on the anniversary of our engagement while we lived in Florida, and sometimes when we came back to South Florida in later years. Friends at our FDP office in Coconut Grove also had a baby shower lunch here for me before Cameron was born in 1990 knowing how much we loved it here. It was very beautiful and very French. Just this year it was sold and is now an Italian restaurant!

Last picture -- wish I had a picture of the dining room itself as it had a beautiful mirrored design on the wall. Pictures below are of my home growing up in Kingston, NY -- great house, great area -- the Catskill Mountains, Woodstock and a simpler time:

Thomas Street Living Room

Thomas Street Living Room at Christmas

Flower and vegetable garden

Thomas Street backyard

We lived here for most of my life (1965-1982) except for the period during this time when we lived in Alverstoke, a seaside village located on the Solent in Hampshire, England. So for another of my favorite places -- the Anglesey Hotel in Alverstoke, where we lived while waiting to rent a house:
the Anglesey Hotel

Yellow arrow shows where the Anglesey Hotel is located. Homes we lived in were on Solent Way and Vector Road, also on map. Pictures to follow when I find them.

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