Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Favorite Room From The 2011 DC Design House

This room really caught my eye -- it is the living room of the 2011 DC Design House, and it was designed by Patrick Sutton, of Patrick Sutton Design, whose rooms and designs I have admired before. There is something in the English Tudor style of this room that reminds me of William Morris (whose designs have also inspired me) -- especially like the fabric of the two chairs with the white and blue print in the foreground. I would like to visit his store, Patrick Sutton Home, in Baltimore sometime, but in the meantime am content to visit it on the web now and then: (

Living Room

Patrick Sutton Associates

Patrick Sutton’s living room shows off the Design House’s 1920s Tudor architecture. Sutton’s goal was to bring a human scale to an otherwise grand room. He created numerous seating areas where family members could chat, read a book or work on a laptop.

from the Washington Post:

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