Tuesday, September 6, 2011


 My family knows me pretty well. This morning as I was standing looking intently through my framed hands, which I'm sure would look totally strange to another person who was not used to seeing me like this, Andrew says to me, "You're envisioning, aren't you?" Envisioning I was. I was having breakfast thinking about the wall color we had painted the kitchen -- Benjamin Moore Titanium, a pretty neutral that is a light grayish blue-green. For a while I have been thinking about changing the color of the foyer, which came with the house and I would describe as a butter yellow....a bright and friendly color that welcomes you when you enter. The problem is that on my house, the walls go off at angles other than 90 degrees.  Also, the foyer is two-stories high and connects directly to the upstairs walls of the landing which are visible from the foyer and adjoining to the foyer in the fore mentioned angles that do not meet at 90 degrees. What I was envisioning this morning was what the foyer would look like if it was painted Titanium...and then just as it usually does with me, I got carried away and began imagining the greater portion of the downstairs in Titanium and how it would work.  Will that ever happen?  I don't know.  There are certainly other more pressing projects to get to first, such as replacing the windows. But in the meantime, it does not hurt to wonder...

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