Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meyer Lemon Tree

Well today was a sad day for me and my Meyer lemon tree, which was featured in my first ever post on this blog -- Introduction to Orangerie and Blue -- and is also the defining picture of my blog shown in the header. The US Department of Agriculture came to the house today to seize and destroy my little lemon tree because the company that sold the tree apparently got it illegally from the state of Florida, and no citrus trees can be shipped from that state. So it was cut up and disposed of down to soil level. The USDA has to go around to collect and destroy all Meyer lemon trees sold by this company, which will apparently be under a lawsuit. There are 300-400 trees just in Virginia -- it will take months to collect them all, and probably years for the lawsuit. I am slightly hopeful, based on what the USDA officer said, that I may be able to receive a replacement tree from the company, and I have already sent in the documentation.  If I do receive one, there is a pretty blue pot for it...


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