Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kitchen Planter Ideas

It would be so nice to have a small planter in my kitchen for keeping herbs and other small plants, rather than keeping them on the island as I do now.  Besides being good to use for cooking, they are pretty to look at, and smell good too!  They need a place of their own though... not taking up counter space at the bar area! And even with three windows, some sort of plant grow light would probably be a good idea.

I like the look of this Jill Bar Cart from Ballard Designs for this purpose, and and it seems like a good size to fit my space:
from Ballard Designs, the Jill Bar Cart

These shelves on wheels would work too if they were a bit smaller:


  1. Hi Diane -
    Thanks so much for your visit and help in identifying the shop in Wiscasset. I really appreciate it.

    You are in the DC area, right?

    I love herbs, and have them in pots on my terrace outside. I will be bringing them inside to enjoy this winter :)


  2. Great idea Diane. I love the bar cart idea for herbs. We are in Manassas, where are you?
    Hope we meet up one day!

    1. Nancy, we are in the Fair Lakes area -- very close! I like going to Green Front Furniture in Manassas, and always wanted to visit their larger store in Farmville. Yes, would love to meet up one day!