Friday, August 10, 2012

Boston: Highlights

Lots of traffic, expensive parking and hard to get street parking were a bit frustrating...

We had a great time on our trip to Boston last week while Andrew was at a hockey camp for goalies at Fessenden School in nearby Newton, MA.  Here are some highlights from the trip (traffic wasn't one of them!):

Highlight #1: Goalie Academy Elite Goalie Camp at Fessenden School:  Of course getting to see some of the on-ice sessions, usually end of the day, were fun and the main reason we were there:
Fessenden School, Newton MA
I always love seeing a large group of goalies together -- reminds me of when we were in NYC once and saw a bunch of Santa Clauses get off a bus together like they were on a convention!

Finally was able to get a video to SkyDrive and then uploaded to the blog (yay!) Press Play to view and put it in Full Screen mode (by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the video).  Here is Andrew in goal at camp get worked out by the pros:

Brian and I were on our own during the day and had some fun day trips, including these I have already posted about:

"One if by land, and two if by sea."

Of course, we also walked around Boston a lot, doing (most of) the Freedom Trail tour over the days... a couple of times a little grumpily due to traffic and transportation woes, but always better after a lobster roll or a cannoli!

lobster roll from James Hook & Co. -- could be the best lobster roll in Boston!

The lobster rolls were all wonderful -- had them at James Hook & Co. in the seaport area of Boston, Mile Marker 1 Restaurant at Cape Ann's Marina in Gloucester (served on a buttered and toasted brioche roll... my least favorite roll...  although I love brioche, I thought it was a little too rich to eat with lobster... ) and Hingham Lobster Pound in Hingham -- all different rolls, but all delicious as whoever made them knew how to cook lobster and they did not overdo the mayo.

Yes, we ate very well in Boston, (see above mentioned lobster rolls) ... and there is even a favorite neighborhood tavern to mention, West Street Tavern, which was about a mile and a half from the Fessenden school ice rink, also in Newton.  We liked it there so much, we went back for dinner two nights, and I would eat anything they made there!

West Street Tavern & Restaurant

Source: via Diane on Pinterest

Finally, I have to mention Mike's Pastry in the north end of Boston -- 17 different kinds of cannoli!  We knew we were onto something when we saw lots of people walking around carrying big boxes of Mike's Pastry -- delicious!

They have everything there ... wonderful bakery!

I put some of our other pictures on Pinterest Diane's Boston board.  Go there to see other places we enjoyed!

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